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Mr. Baseball - Alexander Cartwright IV, the great great grandson of Alexander Joy Cartwright, who virtually invented organized baseball, hosts this Baseball history site. Don't miss his Hoboken Report while there.

The Baseball Reliquary - Terry Cannon founded this organization, whose mission is "to foster an appreciation of the historical development of baseball and its interaction with American culture by the preservation and exhibition of artifacts related to the National Pastime," in 1996. The Reliquary feels that its nonpareil is a mid-19th century soil sample from Hoboken's own Elysian Fields, which was acquired in July 1997 from Gerald H. Orr of Reading, Pennsylvania. Who'd've thunk it?

SABR - The nonprofit Society for American Baseball Research was founded in 1971 with these five objectives:

  1. To foster the study of baseball as a significant American social and athletic institution
  2. To stimulate interest in baseball as our National Pastime
  3. To establish an accurate historical account of baseball through the years
  4. To coordinate and facilitate the dissemination of baseball research information
  5. To cooperate in safeguarding the proprietary interests of individual research efforts

The National Baseball Hall of Fame - You know, the Cooperstown folk. Great museum. Great rural town. No kidding.


Mile Square Theatre - On 24 June 2006 MST will hold its 4th annual "7th Inning Stretch" consisting of seven ten-minute baseball plays at Stevens Institute's DeBaun Auditorium

Hoboken Historical Museum - This museum rocks.

Hobokeni - they've posted an article on our favorite subject by Steven Silver

Kannekt - "The comprehensive city guide"

The City of Hoboken - The city government's website.

The Hoboken Reporter - Weekly local newspaper


I hope to be adding more links as the site goes on. Feel free to contact me if you know of a site that would be appropriate.

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